The H. Lauber GmbH provides laboratory supplies ago for use in pharmaceutical laboratories from resistant and durable materials . For many years we deal with the production of laboratory accessories. In particular equipment and aids for the following applications can be manufactured by us : hold, fixing • Stirring, turning • heating, cooling



Fix Platforms - low priced - for many shaker products


Separating funnel holder

Holding device for conical separating funnels universal 250 - 1000 ml Clamps for Fernbach-Flasks 1800 ml


laboratory bag bowl

Laboratory-bag-bowl for 20 l bags and different shaker-products


Retaining clips made of plastic

Plastic Clamps for Erlenmeyer-Flasks 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml


Test Tube racks

Test Tube racks for tubes Ø 12-30 mm and special sizes


Retaining clips

Clamps for Erlenmeyer-Flasks high-grade-steel 10 - 5000 ml


Edge Platform

Edge Platform for Erlenmeyer-Flasks